Our sustainable snack mission


Meet Growers Garden

We began with 16 farming families who have been growing vegetables for over four generations in the Kingdom of Fife in the east of Scotland. What unites all of us is a passion and commitment to farm sustainably and responsibly, and that’s what led to the creation of our fresh vegetable crisps. We don’t believe in food waste, so the misshapen vegetables that might not make it to the front of the supermarket shelves are, wait for it, just as delicious as the perfectly formed ones that do. And that’s why only the freshest broccoli, no matter what shape it is, is the main ingredient in our crisps.

Our vision

To create a delicious range of natural, vegan-friendly snacks using fresh vegetables from our very own fields; helping eliminate food waste, promote sustainable farming, and advocate healthy eating.

Our values


It’s a lot of fun making our snacks, and we want you to have just as much fun eating them. All our veg is grown with love and laughter, for snacks to be enjoyed in the same way.


Since we’ve been farming together for generations, we would say we know a thing or two about growing the healthy, nutritious vegetables for our tasty crisps.


We’re on a mission to make sustainable snacks, using every possible bit of our veg to help eliminate waste.


All that fresh veg doesn’t get in our snacks by magic. We’re continually innovating to create the most delicious, nutritious, and natural snacks possible for everyone to enjoy.


We are real farmers on real farms in Scotland, using our own real veg to make really tasty snacks. We keep it simple. We keep it honest, and we keep it real.

Our crisps

Feast your eyes, then your bellies.

Broccoli Chips



Broccoli Chips



Broccoli Chips

Sour cream & chive


Broccoli Chips