Healthy Snacks from Sustainable Farming: Broccoli Crisps


Welcome to Growers Garden. We’re on a mission to promote sustainable farming by rooting it in our production of healthy snacks; starting with our delicious broccoli crisps range. Each pack is made with fresh broccoli grown on our very own farms, and they’re available in four all-natural, vegan-friendly flavours. Perfect for snackers of all ages to enjoy.

We’ve been farming alongside on another for a looooooong time, generations in fact, all sharing the same set of values. As families, us ‘Growers’ know the importance of eating healthy natural food, while being farmers gives us a special respect for our environment. We created Growers Garden as a way to bring these two things together; using our own fresh veg to create healthy snacks that reduce food waste and promote sustainable farming. Our goal was to make snacks that taste good and do good at the same time.

It’s super important to us that everyone loves our broccoli crisps. No, it’s not to boost our egos. The more people who love our crisps, the closer we can get to reaching zero food waste with the veg grown on our farms. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into making them just right, from the taste to the crunch. To help make sure as many people as possible can enjoy our healthy snacks, we’ve made each delicious flavour gluten-free and vegan-friendly (not to mention guilt-free at less that 100 calories per 22g pack).

Don’t be a potato head! Get the high-fibre goodness of broccoli in a pack of crisps. Whether naked, chilli, sour cream & chive, or cheese flavour is your bag, join our broccoli revolution and help us reduce food waste. You can start by following us on Facebook and Instagram?

Eat snacks, save the world. Being healthy and responsible never tasted so good.