Our Roots


When you’ve been farming alongside one another for as long as we have, you get to know each other pretty well.

Our families have been living and farming field-by-field in the East of Scotland countryside for generations. Prepping, planting, and harvesting, season-in and season-out. We celebrate the good times and stick together in the tough ones. Your acres, their acres, somewhere along the line it starts to feel like you’re all just carefully tending to one big garden.

There’s always laughs to be had working with your mates, especially on a farm. So, when we decided to mix things up a bit we didn’t know exactly how, but we did know we wanted to stick together and stay true to our roots and values of ethical and sustainable farming.

After a lot of time sat around the table brainstorming, somewhere in-between converted barn nightclubs and combine harvester racing, we realised the answer was right in front of us (really, it was). Snacks! We could use fresh vegetables from our very own fields to make awesome healthy snacks, like broccoli crisps, that not only taste great but also promote sustainable farming.

A sustainable snack. It was the perfect idea to bring together our love for both the environment and food (especially crisps). With a lot of practice in the kitchen and even more taste tests we found the first four flavours of our broccoli crisps, and Growers Garden, finally, came to life.